Teddington RFC believe in good quality, well organised and fun coaching. This section of our website forms part of the club's repository for coaching material. It is constantly being refreshed with new material as new ideas are discovered or invented. For coaches, especially those new to mini-rugby, the information will allow you to construct effective coaching sections with tried and tested routines. There are also hints and tips relevant to all levels of coaching. For the club as a whole, the idea is to retain valuable knowledge and experience and make this available to new coaches coming through the earlier age groups.

For parents, this area of the website gives you an insight into the thought process behind some of the coaching sessions. Coaching is fun and rewarding so if any parents do wish to get more involved on the coaching side please speak to the lead coach for your child's age group. The club sends coaches to regular RFU training sessions to ensure that everyone involved is fully equipped with the correct coaching techniques.

We are always looking for new ideas and material to publish in this section of the website. Please send all contributions to minis.coaching@teddingtonrfc.co.uk. Also send us any suggestions, feed-back, variations, critique on the material.

Coaching Guides

U6-U8 On Pitch Coaching Tips
U6-U8 Training Session Ideas

Activity Sheets

Tag Alignment - Crugby
Tag Alignment - Follow the Leader
Tag Alignment - Railway Rugby
Tag Alignment - Scatter Regroup
Tag Alignment - Round Robin
Tag Alignment - Run and Pass

Tag Evasion - Attack Defend 1 on 1
Tag Evasion - Shark Attack
Tag Evasion - The Wall
Tag Evasion - Tunnel Tag

Tag Handling - Around The Cone Team Passing
Tag Handling - Beat the Clock Passing
Tag Handling - Passing Circle
Tag Handling - Keep Ball
Tag Handling - Piggy in the Middle
Tag Handling - Rugby Rounders
Tag Handling - Run and Pass - Simple Square
Tag Handling - Snake Pass
Tag handling - Swedish Rugby
Tag Handling - Quick Pass Challenge

Tag Relay - Pick-up-Try
Tag Relay - Pick-up-Pass-Try
Tag Relay - Railway Express
Tag Relay - Tag Race

Tag Support - Truck and Trailer
Tag Support - Tackle Pass Drill

Tag Running - Weave and Chase
Tag Running - Weave and Ball Tag
Tag Running - Weaving Drill
Tag Running - Weaving Race

Tag Tackling - Which Way Tag
Tag Tackling - Pass Defend Attack
Tag Tackling - Player in the Middle
Tag Tackling - Straight Intercept
Tag Tackling - Tackle Zone
Tag Tackling - Tag Score-a-try
Tag Tackling - Tails
Tag Tackling - The gauntlet
Tag Tackling - Cross the Grid
Tag Tackling - East West Tag

The Continuum

Continuum 2006-2007


U6 “Who wants to be a Rugby star” Quiz