First of all a really big thank you, to all of you who have so far donated to the ‘Linda’s Friends Fund’. To date we have collected around £7,000 and it’s still growing. From this we have used £5,000 to purchase a prepaid Visa card for Linda to use as she wishes. I will keep this card topped up to the maximum limit of £5,000 until the funds run out. Linda was totally overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and wants to thank you all personally with a big hug and a kiss. This you’ll have to imagine for the time being as she’s now been able to fly to Grenada with no financial worries to spend some quality time with her brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, who have all gathered there at the family home for a reunion and holiday. Hopefully Linda is having some fun doing things that she wouldn’t normally have been able to afford to do. Linda and her body have been through a really tough time over the last few years and I’m sure you’ll all agree that she deserves a bit of quality R & R.

Because of her illness it is impossible for Linda to get overseas travel and medical insurance, so the money you have donated can also be used by Linda to get her back to the UK with medical assistance should she need it. This has relieved a huge financial burden from her shoulders and means that she can travel to see friends and family around the world whilst she is still able to do so. This is all thanks to your donations.

Now comes the tough bit. Linda’s cancer is very rare, it’s also aggressive and terminal. In the future Linda will require all sorts of care and attention and we feel that she should be able to get the best that’s available. But like everything else in life good care and treatment costs money and Linda should not have to worry about that part of it. Linda is a fighter and wants to give this her best shot. To do this she needs all her energy to keep up the fight. We can hopefully take care of the rest.

Please read the attached invitation to a fund raising dinner for Linda taking place on Friday 14th March at the Richmond Hill Hotel. This star studded function will with your help raise these much needed costs and you’ll have a great evening to boot.

If you can’t open it then let me know and I’ll post you a copy today. You need to act NOW as tables are selling fast. Reserve your tickets with me but payment will be the only guarantee of a place.

Please pass this e-mail and attachment to anybody you may think would be interested in supporting the event.

Thank you

Gareth CROSS
Director of Rugby