From the Touchline

Teddington U7 A’s Win the Middlesex Festival

The boys made a great start winning their first group game easily. Lucas Boyle enjoyed the wide open spaces & scored a hat trick of tries. Jamie Miller led the defensive line with some excellent tagging. In the second game they lost some concentration & had to work hard to secure a victory.

The quarter final meant a game against Teddington B2. Some strong running by Sam Bennett & Jonathan Lack led to a solid victory. The semi final was a ding dong affair with each team seeming to score every time they had possession. Teddington managed to pull away late in the second half to secure the victory against a very strong Rosslyn Park A team. It was great to see 7 different scorers on the score sheet sealing a great team effort in a tight game.

So to the final & the continued rivalry with Ealing. Ealing’s aggressive & vocal defence didn’t phase the boys who played good rugby. Jamie Miller stepped up a gear & scored 3 excellent tries with Lucas Boyle scoring the other.

Teddington U7 A’s were duly crowned Middlesex Champions to the delight of the boys, their coaches & their supporters.

Festival Stats:
Played 5
Won 5
Tries For 26
Tries Against 12


Teddington A 6 v 1 Rosslyn Park B
Teddington A 3 v 1 Bank of England A

Quarter Final
Teddington A 6 v 2 Teddington B2

Semi Final
Teddington A 7 v 5 Rosslyn Park A

Trophy Final
Teddington A 4 v 3 Ealing A

Top Taggers: Jamie Miller, Jonathan Lack
Try Scorers:  Lucas Boyle x 6; Jamie Miller x 4; Sam Bennett x 4;
Jonathan Lack x 3; Austin Wood x 2; Oscar Blanchard x 2; Joseph Wheeler x 2; Rory Malcolm x 1; James Allison x 1; Jack Healey x 1           

Coaches: Andy Miller & Gordon Allison                       
Reporter: Mark Boyle

Teddington U7’s Clinch the Chobham A Festival

Teddington U7’s travelled to Chobham for their second festival of the season after a successful trip to Cobham. As the sun shone Teddington romped to an 8 nil victory against a rather sleepy Guildford team with James Allison bagging a hat trick of tries. The 2nd match was a much tighter affair but some good tagging allowed Teddington to run out 4 v 2 winners against Tunbridge Wells. The 3rd game pitted Teddington against the other undefeated side Chobham in a likely tournament decider. Chobham proved fast & elusive runners. They took an early lead & Teddington did well to hang on in the first half. Some mazy running & 2 tries from Lucas Boyle kept Teddington in contention. With the score at 4 v 4 & the clock running down Oscar Blanchard produced a weaving run to the line to score the winning try, 5 v4 to Teddington. Teddington won their next 2 matches comfortably 6 v 1 & 5 v 2 to take the title of Chobham U7 A Festival winners.

Festival Stats
Played 5 Won 5 Tries For 28 Tries Against 9

Top Tagger Tom Hodgson

Try Scorers

  • Lucas Boyle x 6
  • Oscar Blanchard x 5
  • James Allison x 4
  • Jamie Miller x 4
  • Jack Healy x 3
  • Jonothan Lack x 2
  • Joseph Wheeler x 2
  • Ed Lord x 1
  • Tom Begg x 1

Coaches: Andy Lord & Andy Miller

Mini Tag Rugby.

Play games with small numbers, no more than seven. Squad sizes are set by festival organisers, but not less that 10 players

  • Passes may be sideways or backwards through the air.
  • Free pass restart no more than 2metres, opponents 7 metres away on line parallel to goal line.
  • No scrum.
  • No line out. A ball going in to touch will result in the opposing side restarting the game with a free pass from the point on the touchline where the ball went out of play. If within 7 metres of try line, play restarts 7 metres from tryline.
  • No kicking.
  • A tackle - a 'Tag' - is made by removal of one of the two tags from the ball carriers belt.
  • The tagged player must pass the ball to a team mate within 3 seconds.
  • The tagged player must stop running as soon as possible (within 3 strides is a reasonable guide).
  • The tagger must stop running and wait for the tagged player to reclaim their tag before re-joining the game.
  • No diving to score or falling on the ground.
  • No hand offs, fend offs or barging.

Coaches and Contact Details

Manager & Lead Coach

Jeremy Gildersleve
37 Tudor Road, Hampton, Middx, TW12 2NG
0779 583 2600